Parental Choice

Data Privacy Agreements

Pursuant to State law, the Lake County School Board must provide a list of all applications used for instruction that may utilize student data.  According to FLDOE Rule 6A-1.0955, parents must be given access to a catalog of applications that are required for student use that utilize students Data. Parents are encouraged to be aware of which applications are in use for their students. If the below opt out option is selected, your student may be required to complete alternative assignments that differ from the assignments available in the application. 

Parental Choice for Books

At Lake County Schools, we believe that reading is essential to learning and we have stocked our school media centers with age-appropriate books, periodicals and other resources that educate, inform, enrich and entertain.  

But we understand that every item may not be right for every student or family. Therefore, we have provided a way for you, as a parent, to easily see which resources are available in our media centers and to let us know if any of those resources should be off limits for your child. Please only complete the form if there is a title you wish to have your student prohibited from reading. 

Preferred Names

Under School Board Policy JRA, “A parent/legal guardian or any person who seeks to enroll a student under a name other than the student’s legal name or seeks to change the name of a student already enrolled shall be informed that the name of the student as recorded on the birth certificate or other Supporting evidence as prescribed in Section 1003.21, Florida Statutes, shall be used until or unless a final court order verifies a legal name change.”

Using the Focus Student Information System you can identify your students preferred name. Click on the Parent Guide below to get started. Note, if you do not have a parent Focus account, please visit the Parent Focus Portal