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Literacy Coach

Gayle Burch, Literacy Coach
STEM School Award 2018 2019
Reading is a crucial component to a student's learning success and not just in language arts, but in math, science, and social studies as well.  Once children learn to read, they hold the key to unlock their potential in school and life. 
Students learn to read by building a foundation of skills, including oral language, letter recognition, phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, sight words, and vocabulary. Along the way comprehension skills such as predicting, inferring, visualizing and analyzing are practiced and mastered.  The best way to obtain these skills is to READ, READ, READ!
Feel free to contact me regarding any literacy questions or concerns you may have. 
Happy Reading!
Other responsibilities include:
  • Instructional Coaching
  • K-5 ELA and Social Studies Integration
  • K-3 Math/Science
  • STEAM Contact 
  • Award/Binder
  • STEAM Bowl Teams
  • STEAM Night/Science Fair
  • DIP Contact (Discover Intensive Phonics) – Reading Horizons
  • Literacy Week
  • SIPPS Contact 
  • Tropicana Speech/Spelling Bee 
  • 3rd Grade Promotion/Summer Reading Camp