Today's Choice for Tomorrow's Future


Vicky Grable, ESE School Specialist


Brigitte Buchner, ESE Clerical Assistant

Tracey Murphy, Speech/Language

Kristi Bostwick, 4-5 ESE Teacher

Elisa McLaughlin, 3-4 ESE Teacher

Kathy Osborne, K-2 ESE Teacher





Parent Resources for ESE

Advocacy Center for Persons with Disabilities- Information and support on legal rights and advocacy issues for all special needs  585.546.1700

Autism Society of Greater Orlando - Resources, news, and events to assist families of children and adults with autism

Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services - Programs for students with disabilities and/or students identified as gifted

Bureau of Family and Community Outreach - Resources, training, and assistance for parents, volunteers, schools, and communities to support high-quality education

Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD) - Families and professionals who provide services to individuals with autism and related disabilities, to their families, and to the professionals who work with them.

University of Central Florida - 407.737.2566 or 888.558.1908

Central Florida Parent Center - Training and information for parents of children with disabilities  888.612.9273

Family Network on Disabilities (FND) - Training and information for families and individuals with special needs  800.825.5736

Florida Center for Reading Research - Internet resources and tips for parents to help children learn to read

Florida Department of Education -

Florida Respite Coalition - Respite assistance to families of individuals with special needs 866.357.3543

Kids Camps - Information on camps and recreational opportunities

My Summer Camps - Information on camps and recreational opportunities

Nathaniel's Hope - Encouragement, activities and respite opportunities to families of individuals with special needs 407.857.8224

Parents and Educators Resource Center - Resources for parents of students with ADD/ADHD or SLD

Special Olympics of Florida - Sports and recreation opportunities for individuals with disablities  352.243.9536