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School Clinic

School Nurse: Jennifer Benton, LPN


Per the Parent Bill of Rights, Florida Statute, Section 1014, parents are required to give written consent for their minor child to receive health care services by school staff while at school. This ‘opt-in consent form is titled “Parent Consent for Health Care Services” and has been placed in the Skyward Family Access for parents to complete digitally. 

Parents are encouraged to complete this consent form electronically, however there could be instances where the parent is unable to complete the form electronically and a paper consent form can be picked up at the school.



Print Form (Spanish): Consentimiento de Padres Para los Servicios de Salud Escolar


Our clinic is located in the Office area.

If you have any questions, please call the school: 352-589-1117

Illness or Injury at School:

  • Emergency information cards are sent home with students the first week of school. It is vitally important that parents/guardians complete and return this information immediately for school health staff to be able to reach them in an emergency. Please update this information when addresses or phone numbers change.

  • In an emergency, when a parent/guardian or other emergency contact person cannot be reached, 911 will be called.

  • Children who are too ill or are injured and need further medical attention MUST be picked up from school within 30 minutes by the parent/guardian or other designated adult, 18 years of age or older.
  • The school clinic has limited space so students who are not acutely ill or injured will be sent back to class.
  • Emergency medications (such as bee-sting kits, asthma inhalers, etc.) that are required to be used at school must also accompany children on field trips.

Medications at School:
Medications prescribed by a doctor can be administered by the school health staff.  Parents/guardians must bring the medication to school and sign an authorization form in order for medication to be administered. Other information about medicine administration in school will be included in the School Health Services flyer that is sent home with students the first week of school.

Communicable Diseases:
Any child suspected of having a communicable disease shall immediately be excluded from school and may not return to school until the disease has completely subsided and/or the child presents a written statement by a physician or the health department that he is free of communicable diseases and may return to school. If the child is to be out of school for an extended length of time, notify the guidance counselor so the child can receive services by a teacher of the homebound.

All Lake County schools does not have a “No Nits” policy. This means that children will only be sent home from school with active head lice. 

Information on the treatment of head lice and the home environment is given to children sent home with lice or nits to assist in eliminating the problem.

Flu and Cold Prevention

Here are some tips during cold and flu season to help you stay healthy.  Wash your hands frequently with soap and water throughout the day.  Hand gels are good for temporary use but it does not take the place of washing with soap and water.  TIP: How long do you need to wash your hands?  For at least 20 seconds! How long is 20 seconds?  Try singing the Happy Birthday Song twice as this song takes about 20 seconds to sing. Also, remember to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. It is recommended that you use your elbow.  Whether you use a tissue to blow your nose or your hands to cover your mouth, remember to wash your hands immediately.