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Chromebook Information

Register Your Student's Chromebook:

Lake County Schools has distributed approximately 26,000 Chromebooks over the past year.  The 5 year plan of providing each student with a Chromebook has been understandably accelerated by the current pandemic.  With the widespread distribution of Chromebooks into LCS, it is important to determine the location of the Chromebooks distributed last year, before Distance Learning in the Spring, and recently when different modes of learning were chosen by families.  To that end, we are asking that each student self report their Name, School, Asset Tag Number and Serial Number.

The easiest way to do this is:

Log out of your Chromebook so your screen looks like this

Click on ALT + V

The asset tag and serial number will be located at the upper right hand corner of the screen.  Write these numbers down.  You will need these numbers for the Form. Write these numbers on a piece of paper so you can fill out the Form.

Students, please go to Classlink.  You get to Classlink by clicking on the house next to the address bar in the browser.  Once in Classlink, you will see a tile called Chromebook Form.  Click on that tile, and you will be taken to the Google Form.  You will only be allowed to fill out the form once, so please fill it out carefully using your name, student ID number , asset tag number and serial number.


Note:  The form will ask for the asset tag two times.  That is to make sure that you typed it correctly.

The tile is only in students’ ClassLink portal.

Responsibility for Chromebook

Students should treat their LCS issued chromebook with respect and care.  Devices should be stored securely when not in use to avoid accidental damage.  If the chromebook is damaged or not working properly for any reason, please contact Mrs. Purdham in the media center. Repair costs vary depending on the chromebook model and are the responsibility of the student.